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Consular Visas

Roma Traduzioni is an agency accredited to all the Embassies and Consulates in Italy. The agency handles Visa procedures both for single and collective passports. Before to travel it is of main importance to be aware of all the requirements and formalities necessary in order to obtain consular visas. Consular dispositions concerning visas are subject to change quite frequently.

Before proceeding to get the consular visa it is necessary to:

  • 1. Check the expiry date of the passport (“at least 6 months of validity”) and its revenue stamps.
  • 2. Verify the minimum validity of the passport required by the country where you are going.
  • 3. Check if in your passport there are enough blank pages to contain the required visas.
  • 4. Attach the photos and the documents required in order to obtain the visa.
  • 5. Send the material in the due time by express courier.

NOTE: Procedures may change according to the visa applicant’s nationality.

In order to avoid bad surprises and problems at departure or arrival borders, it is necessary to get visa before departure.

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