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Documents authentication

“Authenticate” a document means to certify the legal quality of the Public Official who has signed a document (acts, copies and originals), as well as the authenticity of the signature itself. The authentication of the acts signed by Notaries, Registrars and by Bailiffs is under the competence of the Public Prosecutors.

The authentication of acts and documents issued abroad and to be considered valid in Italy, has to be performed by the diplomatic or consular Italian representation located in the Country which drew the documents.

The authentication of signatures is not obligatory for acts and documents issued by the following embassies and/or consulates according to the London European Convention of June 7th 1968: Austria, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Sweden, Cyprus, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom, Swiss, France, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain.

Documents issued or to be considered valid in Countries took part to the Aja Convention of October 5th 1961 must to be subjected to rider c.d. “Apostille” (which provides a special stamp to certify the document authenticity and the legal quality of the issuing Authority), in lieu of the legalization.

Roma Traduzioni works in documents authentication service to:

  • Government Local Offices
  • Public Prosecutor’s Offices
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Consulates

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