Professional Translations

Technical and scientific translations, consular visas, professional translation, legal and financial translation, document athentication, simultaneous interpreting

Presentation of Our agency

Roma Traduzioni is a dynamic and flexible agency composed of a team of professionals working both for state-owned and private companies.

The agency operates in Three fields:

  • 1- Linguistic assistance
  • (interpreting, translations, language courses, meetings and conventions, etc.)
  • 2- Visa procedures for passports
  • (tourism, business, transit, diplomatic, service, etc.)
  • 3- Documents authentication
  • (certificates of origin, invoices, contracts, power of attorney, all kind of documents that have to be authenticated by government local offices, public prosecutor’s office, chamber of commerce, embassies and consulates, etc.)

Our staff is composed of specialists, professionals, lawyers, teachers and native speaker translators. Our service is fast, accurate and cheap. We deem privacy of primary importance, and the content of the material that you entrust us will be strictly confidential.

We are available for further information and free estimates of costs.

Roma Traduzioni S.r.l.
Via Valle Borbera, 77 - 00141 - Roma
Bus stop: Nomentana/Val d'Ossola
Bus: 90D, 60, 36, 84, 86, 211, 342
Tel: +39 06 64006204
Cell: +39 320 4265001